BikesForGood FAQ Q: Is BikesForGood a non profit. A: BikesForGood is in the process of filing for 501C3 status. Q: What will you do with the money you collect? A: 100% of the money donated for Bikes will be spent on bikes (note credit card processing sites like Paypal may charge a fee for receipt of money-which is outside the control of BikesForGood and is not considered as money donated), moreover we will make a best attempt effort to keep money donated (and purchase bike from) the cities the money was designated for; else the money and bikes will be kept in the same state and for international donations- same country; with the preference always being keeping the money/bikes in the designated location. Merchandise (like shirts) is purchased from Challenge2Society. Q: What is Challenge2Society and how does it relate to BikesForGood? A: Challenge2Society is a registered Benefit Corporation and is the parent organization of BikesForGood. Q: If BikesForGood's vision is to help children of the world realize the joy of receiving a bike and the lifelong enjoyment that can follow, What is Challenge2Society's vision? A: Challenge2Society's vision is to inspire the world to donate 1 billion community service hours.

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