• 100Bikes x 100 Cities

    Goal 10,000 donated bikes in 2013

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    Remember the joy your first bike gave you? Lets help some great kids experience the feeling of freedom a bike provides.
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  • AboutBikesForGood

    In the late 90's over 5,000 new bikes were donated to the children of the Roanoke Valley.

    Our new goal -10,000 Bikes

    Can we inspire 100 cities to each raise 100 bikes- a combined world goal of 10,000 donated bikes. We believe this goal is achievable- however we can't do this alone and need YOUR HELP.

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Our Commnity Service Award

Here is a link to the Virginia Commonwealth's website listing the community service award Gysgt Steve Gardner received for his help in inspiring Roanoke, Virginia to help donate over 5,000 new bikes. 

Virginia.Gov website

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